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Quad trailer

2004 Quad riding

2005 Quad riding

Quad Utility Trailer

I wanted a trailer that so I could haul things with the quads. After looking at many different trailers I drew up some plans for one. I took 2 days off in June of 2005 and headed to my fathers place with a load of metal.

I started out with a basic ladder frame.

Then after test fitting everything

Welded on the axels

The first test of the trailer was on the very rainy 2005 McLean Creek Volunteer Day. I used the trailer to help haul away parts of the old bridge we replace.

It's also worked well for:

Moving fireworks,

bringing logs back to camp for firewood.

The racks with removable tailgate make it easy to haul other things like:


and people

So far the trailer has functioned well. The tounge of the trailer is held in place by a cross pin. This alows the tonge to be slid back so that only 6" is exposed during transportation. The racks are held in place on all 4 corners with 3/4" threaded rod that slides into 1" square tubing. A nut on the bottom of the rod makes sure the rack doesn't come off when the trailer is moving. The only thing I want to add at this point is a small toolbox to hold tie down straps in.